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We build the future

Our company has been passionate about continuous development and searching for new solutions. We have been working in the power industry for many years, that’s why we perfectly understand the needs of the market.

In creating applications, we place the greatest emphasis on providing business partners with functionalities that enable even better management of photovoltaic systems.
We are constantly working on expanding

the functionalities offered by the applications, thanks to feedback from our partners. We would love to get in touch with you.

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Our communication devices guarantee the stability of the readings. The data is sent directly to the secured Azure cloud, from where you can easily and safely access it using our applications.


Regardless of the structure of your system, the type of inverters or the specificity of the installation, we are prepared to meet your expectations and provide you with a coherent system that will provide you with the functionalities you need in one place.


Our support department is at your disposal – write to us or call us. We create new functionalities and constantly expand our system based on your needs and suggestions.


Our solutions help save your time and, as a result, money. Faster diagnosis of malfunctions or easier access to data is only the first step to expand your capabilities