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Cloud management system for PV installations

Complex monitoring

The PV CARE system is a cloud solution that is a natural extension of the PV SUPERNODE controller. The intuitive interface goes hand in hand with a wide range of functionalities, thanks to which monitoring your installations becomes extremely simple.


The system is available 24 hours a day. In the case of installations where it is not possible to connect to the local WiFi / LAN network, we include a GSM modem, which ensures constant communication of the controller with the cloud.

Real-time data

The PV CARE system offers visualization of the operation of the installation and its subordinate components in real time, thanks to which you always stay up to date.


Simultaneously monitor both the operation of inverters and readings from field controllers such as e2tango or weather stations.

Energy balance

Watch how the energy balance of the installation changes in real time. The current measurement of grid consumption compared to the production of inverters will give you a better idea of ​​whether the current size of the installation is enough to cover the demand of the facility.

MPPT operating parameters

Thanks to the monitoring of voltages and currents on individual strings, you can easily detect those that work incorrectly.

The cumulative graph will help you graphically visualize which MPPTs require your attention.


One monitoring for the entire installation

The PV CARE monitoring system effectively replaces manufacturer’s solutions and combines readings from individual components of the installation into one application. Preview of the field controller, weather station or energy analyzer is possible thanks to the wide spectrum of integration possibilities of the SUPERNODE PV controller

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