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Universal PV controller

Effective and complex

PV SUPERNODE logger effectively performs functions necessary to deliver any connection requirements. From zero-export to full implementation of PV farm connection requirements in terms of controling photovoltaics work by local distribution network operator from SCADA system, using DNP3 oraz IEC 104.

Reactive power compensation

Local generation of only active energy through inverters, with the simultaneous consumption of reactive power from the grid, may result in exceeding the value of tangent fi specified in the conditions of connection of the facility.
The controller reads the reactive power value on the inner supply line on an ongoing basis and controls the inverters with compensation, typically in the range of cos phi -0.8 to 0.8, minimizing the reactive power consumption.


The controller monitors the operation and controls all inverters installed in a given location in a coordinated manner. This enables quick integration of PV Supernode with telemechanics controllers, such as – for example – Mikronika MSG701 and USP140, Apator Ex-BRG3 and SPV-RM, Regulus uREG, IEN Gdańsk STGP 3.5. This ensured comprehensive implementation of the connection conditions for PV farms as issued by the DSO. Typically, active and reactive power control by the PV farms is required by the DSO to mitigate grid congestions


The controller cyclically (typically every 5 seconds) collects information from the energy analyzer or meter at the inner supply line, and in the event of an outflow of energy to the grid, it appropriately controls the inverters by adjusting their active energy production. Possible to set the zero-export condition or the set level of active energy consumption from the network (e.g. constant consumption of 50kW for objects with large and sudden variability of active energy consumption over time).

Wide range of integrations

PV SUPERNODE logger is designed to integrate with any system present on farm. From field loggers to weather stations.


  • Compatible with Sofar Solar, Solis, Goodwe, Growatt, Solaredge and many more inverters. Your inverters is not on the list? Ask us about compatibility. 
  • Compatible with energy analysers such as Eastron, Socomec, Lumel, F&F, Schneider, Lovatto as well as with DLMS/COSEM energy meters. 
  • Asynchronous work with 5 to 10 seconds interval, simultaneously on all RS485.
  • Unlimited amount of inverters (4 * 30 using Modbus RTU oraz any amount using Modbus TCP).
  • Possibility to mix inverters from different manufacturers.
  • Possibility of any distribution of the apparent power supplied by the inverters into active and reactive power.
  • Data upload to cloud platform PV CARE.

An example of how to connect the controller in the case of cooperation with the operator's SCADA system

An exemplary way of connecting the controller for zero-export installations or with the required reactive power compensation

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