Did you know that thousands of PVs exist without any professional maintenance service?


We believe that every customer should be provided with monitoring and management services to make sure that his investement is not wasted on small malfunctions that can be easily diagnosed using professional software.

Thats why we created PV CARE – O&M system to manage and monitor even hundreds of PVs at the same time. Provide your customers with better care. PV CARE.



PV CARE is a powerful tool to help you provide better services for your customers. Expand your capabilities with brand new functionalities offered by our application. Build up whole system to monitor PVs, communicate with your customers and manage work orders for your employees using just one application that handles it all.

Clean design and simple yet effective indicators quickly point your eyes towards devices that need your attention. Our system also helps you out with identifying problems by running real-time diagnostics and constantly updating the data.


Provide your customers with special mobile app that is fully compatible with your PV CARE system. Let them monitor their own PVs and send you notifications if any problem occurs. Establish brand new way to communicate and cooperate with your customers.

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