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Smart solutions for your Photovoltaics

The all-in-one product for your PV installation

Logger enabling full implementation of:

  • conditions for connecting PV farms in terms of controlling the operation of the PV installation by the local distribution network operator from the SCADA system level, through the DNP3 or IEC 104 protocol,
  • zero-export requirements,
  • reactive power control.



The PV SUPERNODE controller is adapted to active control of most inverters available on the Polish and European market.


We offer support in starting the installation from the moment the driver is sent to be received by the distribution network operator.


PV SUPERNODE connects to the field controller present on the site and collects the read data.

Quick setup

The PV SUPERNODE controller does not require complex and time-consuming installation works.


Thanks to the ability to read a wide range of operating parameters of the installation, it effectively replaces the manufacturer’s solutions.

Grid metering

The controller integrates with energy analyzers and collects data on energy flow to and from the grid.

Weather station

Thanks to a wide range of integration possibilities, PV SUPERNODE will also effectively integrate your weather station.


The controller works autonomously and does not require constant access to the Internet if monitoring in the cloud is not necessary.

new – cable pooling

Do you have a wind farm? Photovoltaic pays off!

Sharing the transmission infrastructure for the wind farm and PV generation (cable pooling) consists in transmitting the energy generated by the wind farm and the photovoltaic farm via the same connection, while maintaining the technically permissible power line load capacity limits (cable or overhead) and/or restrictions resulting from the connection agreement.

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Plugged kWp

Installed loggers

Logger functions

Compatible inverter models

Are you sure your pv is compatible with dso requirements?

Did you know that some DSO require control exclusively via Modbus RTU?


The PV SUPERNODE controller performs all functions related to communication with the telemechanics controller, available both via Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU on RS485

By choosing PV SUPERNODE, you are guaranteed that our solution meets all DSO requirements for a given PV installation. We always fully analyze the customer’s DSO requirements and technical drawings to ensure that we deliver the right configuration.

The most common OSD requirements include:

– P and Q control from DSO SCADA

– Zero-export – actively limiting the operation of inverters in order not to exceed the permissible limit of energy flowing into the grid

– Any additional requirements set by the DSO, such as algorithms for increasing active and reactive power, information on the availability of the inverters or signals from the weather station or field controller

Dispersed installation?


PV SUPERNODE allows you to combine inverters located in multiple buildings into one aggregated controller and monitoring

Monitoring for you

All components in one place

Comprehensive cloud monitoring:

  • View multiple installations from one screen
  • Readings from the field controller and the weather station
  • Grid monitoring
  • Real-time data



Why us?

We have been working in the power industry for many years. Our team combines professionalism and passion to turn complex opetarions into simple solutions. Creativity is our strong point, which is why we are constantly expanding our applications with new functionalities. We are up to date with technological innovations, which is why we are regulary developing and raising the level of our services. We are at your disposal whenever you need it.